Introducing P.E.I.’s Past

From The GuardianCharlottetown, P.E.I.
January 12, 2012
Mary MacKay

Retired senator Archie Johnstone had a mission in mind.

This Kensington man wanted to capture the movers and shakers in P.E.I. who have had an impact on this province in one way or another.

And now this prolific self-published author has rounded up a plethora of information for his new book, Introductions, which showcases more than 100 well-known and sometimes lesser-known personalities.

“This is book seven since my 80th birthday,” says the 87-year-old Johnstone, who has previously tackled topics close to his heart, such as the Second World War in which he was a crew member with the Royal Canadian Air Force heavy bombing squadron, and Lucy Maud Montgomery, to whom he was related.

These two subjects resurface in Introductions, which is a stockpile of information, photographs, letters, newspaper clippings and documents pertaining to broad spectrum of Islanders.

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