Gumboot Gourmet

From on December 8, 2012

Gayl Creutzberg has developed a deep understanding for the importance of healthy rural communities and is motivated to writing about farm viability and collaborating on food and farming initiatives. After managing a flock of sheep for six years, she redirected her focus to researching models for accessing and distributing local food in 2006. Since then, she has owned and operated a local food shop and gourmet deli, coordinated training for direct market farmers, worked with rural local food organizations, and launched a local food brand.

Now, she is taking that experience and building Gumboot Gourmet, an online farmers’ market where farmers go online to market product to an expanding consumer base looking for nutrient dense food direct from the farmer. With her experiences as a farmer, she identified the lack of successful agricultural marketing for the farmer as a significant gap in the food system.

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