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From Profile 2015 Issue/Volume 23 – page 28 and 29

A new learning opportunity – Tony Balkwill

Tony BalkwillPosted on – September, 2015 by Meghan Burke

When Tony Balkwill learned about the Grain Farmers of Ontario sponsorship of a Nuffield Canada scholarship, with focus on the Ontario grain industry, he embraced the opportunity to further his research and take it international.

Balkwill applied to the program with an ambitious project — to develop historical soil- type maps into field-scale management zones. As a leader in precision agriculture in the province, exploring how different management zones perform and what triggers variability between zones is a passion for Balkwill.

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Better ag education – Becky Parker

Becky ParkerFrom – Sept. 11, 2015 by Lois Harris

Getting more young Canadians more interested in working in agriculture can be an achievable goal, says Becky Parker, whose Nuffield scholarship is supported by Glacier FarmMedia. First, though, we need to learn some lessons for ourselves.

If you need to make a big splash, says Nuffield scholar Becky Parker, throw a big rock. A lot of little stones will only create a lot of little ripples.

It’s an insight that Parker has brought home from her Nuffield tour of Britain, New Zealand and Australia, and it’s among the strategies that she now believes could help Canadian agriculture cure the labour shortages that are hampering virtually all sectors of the industry.

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Nuffield scholar focuses on energy-dense forages

From Country Guide (June 2, 2015)

Nuffield scholar Clayton Robins - right

Clayton Robins (r), with son Quinn and father Brian, travelled to 11 countries as part of the Nuffield Scholarship program. Photo: Duncan Morrison

Study will explore using energy-dense perennial forages as annuals

One learns fairly quickly upon first meeting him that Clayton Robins is a bundle-of-energy person. So it comes as no surprise that the 2013 Nuffield Scholar has actually travelled the world to learn more about energy.

Energy-dense forages, that is.

“Every other country I visited looks at sugars in forages except here in North America,” says Robins, who now spends his post-Nuffield Scholar travelling days as executive director of the Manitoba 4-H Council.

“We are fibre-focused. My report will provide a big-picture perspective as to how we can adapt the beef production model we currently are using, which will require a shift in thinking. I feel very privileged for a guy from Rivers to present my report and knowledge on beef production gleaned from the top experts in the world. There was no other way for me to do that without doing so as a Nuffield Scholar.”…

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Nuffield Scholar focuses on energy-dense forages

From: Forage and Grassland Guide – March, 2015

Study will explore using energy-dense perennial forages as annuals. – Clayton Robins

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