* What qualifications do I need?

* Do I need a university degree or college diploma?

* How long does a scholarship last?

* How could my farm operate while I am gone?

* Can my spouse come?

* Where do we travel to in the training session?

* What are the program dates and times?

* How are scholars selected?

* If I am chosen, what help can I expect?

* How did other Nuffield Scholars finance their study after being selected?

* What level of funding would generally be required if I were selected?

This varies from scholar to scholar and can range from $10,000 to $15,000. The most expensive part of a scholarship is the study part where you will be required to rent accommodations, buses, trains and so on. This alone can cost upwards of $4000. One of the ways that expenses can be reduced is through the hospitality of Nuffield Scholars living in the study area who provide free meals and lodging. Those who are selected are responsible for making all of their own travel and living arrangements – a “package” is not given to each student since this would partially defeat the objective of teaching leadership and independent thought.

* How specific does my study need to be?