* What qualifications do I need?

* Do I need a university degree or college diploma?

* How long does a scholarship last?

The long answer is it lasts a lifetime. Even after you return you continue to be a Member and you can participate in Nuffield conferences held around the world. You are also tied into a dynamic group of people who meet at annual meetings and picnics and exchange ideas and views on a variety of subjects. However, the short answer is that you participate in a three week group training session followed by your own private study. We expect nothing less than a total of two months and we hope to see longer.

* How could my farm operate while I am gone?

* Can my spouse come?

* Where do we travel to in the training session?

* What are the program dates and times?

* How are scholars selected?

* If I am chosen, what help can I expect?

* How did other Nuffield Scholars finance their study after being selected?

* What level of funding would generally be required if I were selected?

* How specific does my study need to be?