Jack Rigby

Jack Rigby hails from Blenheim, Ontario, located near the north shore of Lake Erie.  Until recently Jack along with his wife Donna and son Stephen operated Montrig Farms, growing grains, seed crops and vegetable crops.  In 2011 Jack and Donna moved to town and turned the operation over to Stephen and his family.

Over the years Jack has been very active in supporting his community, his church and agriculture; serving on many boards and committees.  Jack was one of the early adapters of no-till in Ontario and a founding member of the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario.  Jack has received many awards including Kinsman of the Year, the Rotary Foundation District Service Award, Innovative Farmer of the Year Award as well as being inducted into the Kent County Agricultural Hall of Fame and Soil Conservation Council of Canada Hall of Fame.

Jack has been involved with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and has been in charge of a local growing project for 16 years.  In 1999 Jack travelled to Ethiopia and Kenya on a food study tour with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  In 2004 Jack and Donna went to India to help with a Polio immunization day organized by the Rotarians of India.  In three days over 168,000,000 children under the age of five were given the opportunity to live a polio free life.

In 1995 Jack`s Nuffield Scholarship gave him the opportunity to spend 17 weeks in Europe looking at environmental issues and solutions.  This sparked an interest in travel to meet people and learn about their different customs and culture.   Jack & Donna have travelled to over thirty countries making it a point to immerse their selves in the customs, culture and cuisine of the different countries.

Jack & Donna have been blessed by the Nuffield experience.