Karen Daynard


Recruitment into Agricultural Careers: Strategies to Increase Enrollment in Agricultural Colleges and Universities, in order to meet the Growing Number of Job Opportunities.

Karen Daynard is a creative, animated individual with an extensive background in marketing and communications for agricultural and rural related businesses and organizations.

Karen is a masters graduate from University of Guelph and alumni of Ontario’s Advanced Agriculltural Leadership program. As owner of KD Communications she continues her involvement in agriculture. She specializes in developing innovative, cost-effective marketing and communication plans.

Her field of interest for her Nuffield study is to look for methods to reverse the trend for declining enrolment in agricultural studies across Canadian universities. Karen has an appreciation for the reality that the agricultural industry is having trouble finding qualified people to fill vacant positions and that career councillors have little knowledge or resources to give students who may be interested. She feels we need to look for new opportunites to communicate the vast number of careers available in the fields of food, environment, health and economy. Karen plans to visit other schools around the globe to see what they’re doing in terms of recruiting kids to their programs. The plan is to visit schools in the US, Canada, Britain, Holland, France, Australia and New Zealand

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