Sponsorship Opportunities

The Canadian Nuffield Scholarship Association began in 1950’s with Lord Nuffield’s original endowment. Since the mid-1970’s the scholarships are funded entirely by membership fees, and by donations. The program is run by a volunteer board consisting of former scholars.

Joe (1962) and Joan Linnell received the William Morris Certificate in 2011.

William Morris Certificate

Nuffield Canada presents the William Morris Certificate in recognition of those who have generously donated more than $10,000. The following certificate recipients are sincerely thanked for their ongoing contribution to agriculture.

Larry Yeo
Alfred Smith
Wally Doerksen
Mac Sprowl
Jack Rigby
Joe & Joan Linnell


Sponsor Benefits

  • Nuffield Scholars are highly respected in their industries and are sought after as speakers, advisors and board members
    Canadian Nuffield Scholars play key leadership roles in many of Canada’s agricultural, food and rural associations.
  • Sponsors gain exposure to new products, services, technologies and marketing approaches through knowledge brought home by scholars.
  • Sponsors develop a relationship with the very best young farmers and entrepreneurs in not only Canada, but also through Nuffield International, in the world.
  • Public recognition through the scholar and scholar report.
  • You may gain a future employee or consultant responsible for a specific area and committed to either increasing profitably or knowledge or both.
  • Companies receive a tax benefit as Nuffield Canada is a registered charity.

For more information on sponsorship please contact the Chair of Nuffield Canada.