Becky Parker

2015 Scholar

Penticton, BC

Becky lives with her husband in Penticton, British Columbia but was raised as the seventh generation on a mixed livestock farm near Guelph, Ontario. After attending the University of Guelph for a Bachelor of Applied Science, she then pursued a teaching degree. In 2012 Becky received her Masters of Education, where her research focused on … Learn More >>

Investor Benefits

Nuffield Canada’s status as a registered non-profit means your investment is tax deductible. That’s just for starters. If  you’d like to learn more please contact us.

Benefit #1

Highly respected in their industries and much sought after as speakers, advisors and board members, Canadian Nuffield Scholars play key leadership roles across all aspects of Canadian agriculture.

Benefit #2

Exposure to new products, services, technologies, ideas and marketing approaches, through knowledge gained and returned to Canadian agriculture by Nuffield Scholars.

Benefit #3

Public recognition and profile through the scholar, his/her research report and through Nuffield’s extensive network, not just in Canada but around the world.

Benefit #4

The opportunity to gain a future employee or consultant committed to growing your company’s bottom line through unique experience and innovative thinking.

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