Tony Balkwill

2016 Scholar

Paris, Ontario

Tony Balkwill, an independent agronomy specialist based out of Southern Ontario, wins the inaugural Grain Farmers of Ontario Nuffield Scholarship. As owner of NithField Advanced Agronomy, he manages thousands of acres of cropland across several counties. He is also a third generation farmer who farms in the Oxford and Brant areas. His farming operation is … Learn More >>

Investor Benefits

Nuffield Canada’s status as a registered non-profit means your investment is tax deductible. That’s just for starters. If  you’d like to learn more please contact us.

Benefit #1

Highly respected in their industries and much sought after as speakers, advisors and board members, Canadian Nuffield Scholars play key leadership roles across all aspects of Canadian agriculture.

Benefit #2

Exposure to new products, services, technologies, ideas and marketing approaches, through knowledge gained and returned to Canadian agriculture by Nuffield Scholars.

Benefit #3

Public recognition and profile through the scholar, his/her research report and through Nuffield’s extensive network, not just in Canada but around the world.

Benefit #4

The opportunity to gain a future employee or consultant committed to growing your company’s bottom line through unique experience and innovative thinking.

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