Becky Parker

2015 Scholar

Penticton, BC

Becky lives with her husband in Penticton, British Columbia but was raised as the seventh generation on a mixed livestock farm near Guelph, Ontario. After attending the University of Guelph for a Bachelor of Applied Science, she then pursued a teaching degree. In 2012 Becky received her Masters of Education, where her research focused on … Learn More >>

Who can be a scholar?

Applicants will be mid-career; between the ages of 25 and 45; – (some exceptions may be considered). You will have a minimum of five years of agriculture business or farming experience, as well as the management ability to step away from your current duties for an extended period of time. You will travel for a minimum of 10 weeks, six weeks of which will be consecutive.

There are no prerequisites of education or past awards. You will be required to commit to using this opportunity to contribute to Canadian agriculture by sharing your work and experience.

Scholarships are not for those involved in full-time study, or for the purpose of furthering existing research projects.

How do you apply?

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