Country Guide East ( Feb. 14, 2017 by Becky Parker Here’s how to inspire and recruit the next generation of ag employees What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a common question that adults ask young people. Popular answers include pro athlete, doctor or lawyer, or you might just get a … Learn More >> – Jan. 3, 2017 – by Kristina Polziehn Nuffield Canada’s main mission is to foster agricultural leadership and personal development through international travel and study. Each year, Nuffield Canada awards three or four scholarships to Canadian individuals with a passion for agriculture, for the sole purpose of travel and study. As a recipient of … Learn More >>

In WGRF Research Review Nuffield scholar gains global insights “Farmers need to be excited about craft beer,” says Matt Hamill. “It uses three to seven times more barley per beer than macro beer.” It’s knowing that kind of statistic and seeing that kind of potential for Canadian barley growers, and wanting to capitalize on it, … Learn More >>

News Release: Nuffield Canada Announces 2017 Scholars Nuffield Canada is pleased to announce the selection of four recipients for its 2017 program: Nicole MacKellar: receiving the Grain Farmers of Ontario scholarship. Kristina Polziehn: receiving the Alberta Wheat Commission scholarship, new in 2016. Matt Hamill: receiving the Western Grains Research Foundation scholarship, new in 2016. The … Learn More >>

From Better Farming – June/July 2016 by Paul Nolan Paul Nolan, Better Farming’s editorial director asked Clair Doan, 2016 Nuffield Canada scholar and Oxford County farmer, to respond to questions about his experiences in the long-running program that offers farmers an opportunity to explore global perspectives on their industry. Open the pdf’s directly here – … Learn More >>