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Scholars must commit to complete their final report within 24 months of their sponsorship year. Reports are submitted to the Nuffield Canada Board of Directors for approval and, once completed and approved, are available to the public. Review Scholar reports here; you can search for specific reports title or Scholar name:
2015 was declared “International Year of Soils” by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Globally, soils are deteriorating because of erosion, nutrient depletion, loss of organic carbon, and other threats. Western Canada has some very good soils when compared globally. Cultivation began just over a century ago with practices that were adopted from Europe. Over the years our soils were prone to erosion due to intense cultivation. The loss of topsoil has dramatically reduced our organic matter (carbon) levels in our soils. Soil organic matter has a direct result in the quality of the soil, its production ability and its ability to support the living fraction of soil.... Download full report
Steven Wolfgram is a swine veterinarian from Stratford, Ontario. The study topic that he chose to investigate is factors that affect sustainability of food animal production in Canada – specifically, what farmers and others in the agri-food industry have to do to maintain a social license with the public. Social License is a term used for the general agreement in public that the “right thing” is being done such that no regulatory intervention is needed. On his travels, Steven met with farmers, veterinarians, and industry experts in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Ireland and Great Britain to observe in action different programs for Animal Welfare and Antimicrobial use. He travelled to the United States to the Center for Food Integrity’s Food Integrity Summit and the National Institute for Animal Agriculture’s Antibiotic Symposium. Steven also travelled with other Nuffield Scholars on a Global Focus Program, visiting the Philippines, China, Nova Scotia, Washington D.C., the Netherlands and Ireland.... Download full report
Traceability. A current agriculture buzz word, especially when discussing the beef industry. As producers we are constantly told that consumers want to know more about where their food comes from. Should we use our existing national traceability system to deliver this information and how much information is too much? Narrowing down which information is important is an even greater challenge.... Download full report
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